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All, +(3), Accelerator and Beam Physics(3), adsorption and layered material physics(2), artificial gauge fields(2), Astroparticle Physics(3), Astroparticle Physics(5), Astrophysics(2), Astrophysics(1), astrophysics(6), Astrophysics(1), Astrophysics (astro-ph)(9), Astrophysics and Gravitational Physics(1), Astrophysics Experiment(5), Astrophysics Theory(5), ATLAS(3), Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics(6), Atomic Physics(6), Atomic, Molecular, and Optical(1), Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics(9), Atomic/Molecular Physics(3), Attosecond science(5), Biological Physics(4), Biological Physics(5), Biology(4), Biophysics(9), Biophysics/Soft Condensed Matter Theory(1), Black holes(1), BSM new physics(3), Chemical Engineering(3), Chemistry(4), Coherent Phenomena(3), Cold Atom Physics(3), Collider physics(2), Collinear Fast Beam Laser Spectroscopy(3), Complex systems including applications to biology(1), Computational Astrophysics(1), Computational Physics(1), Computational physics(6), cond-mat-ex(1), cond-mat-th(1), Condensed Matter Experiment(11), Condensed Matter Physics(16), Condensed Matter Physics, Electronic Structure, Strongly Correlated Materials(7), Condensed Matter Physics; Condensed Matter Theory; Computational Physics; X-ray Spectroscopy; Electronic Structure; Ultrafast Dynamics(7), Condensed matter theory(2), Condensed Matter Theory(6), Condensed Matter Theory(18), Conformal Field Theory(2), Cosmology(3), Cosmology(4), Cosmology(6), Cosmology(8), Dark Matter(1), Dark Matter(5), EIC(2), Electron Hydrodynamics(4), Electronic Detector Group(3), Electronic Structure(1), Electroweak Symmetry Breaking(2), Elementary Particle Physics(3), Elementary Particle Theory(3), Engineering(2), evolution(2), Experiment(2), Experimental(5), Experimental Astroparticle Physics(4), Experimental Astrophysics(3), Experimental Condensed Matter(7), Experimental High Energy Physics(7), Experimental Particle Physics(7), Experimental Physics(8), Experimental Solid State(3), Experimental Subatomic Physics(2), Fluid Physics(3), Fundamental interactions(1), GR-Cosmology (gr-qc)(3), Gravitational Physics(3), Gravitational Theory(2), Gravitational Wave Sources(2), Gravitational waves(1), Gravitational Waves(2), Gravity(3), Hadron Physics(2), Hadron Physics, String Theory, Mathematical Physics, Cosmology, Gravity, Theoretical Astrophysics, Experimental Astrophysics, Astroparticle Physics(3), Hard Condensed Matter Theory(4), hep(3), HEP-Experiment (hep-ex)(11), hep-lat(3), HEP-Lattice (hep-lat)(3), hep-ph(3), HEP-Phenomenology (hep-ph)(7), hep-th(4), HEP-Theory (hep-th)(7), Higgs physics(2), High Energy Astrophysics(1), High energy density matter(2), High Energy Experimental(4), High Energy Physics(11), High Energy Theory Group(3), High Performance Computing(3), Higher Spin Gravity(2), Holographic Dualities(2), HP-Theory(2), Imaging(2), ion storage(3), Lattice QCD(2), LHC(6), Light-front Physics(2), Machine Learning(7), Materials Science(10), Materials Sciences(4), materials theory;(4), materials-related physics(5), Mathematical Physics(4), Medical Physics(8), Mesoscopic Physics/Nanoscience(5), MOTRIMS(2), Nanotechnology(3), Network(2), Networks(3), Neutrino physics(7), Neutrino physics(2), Neutrino physics and Astrophysics(4), Neutrino physucs(2), non-Hermitian systems(2), Nonlinear and Complex Systems(4), Nonlinear Integral Systems, Classical and Quantum(2), Nuclear & Particle Experiment(3), Nuclear & Particle Theory(2), Nuclear and Many-Body Theory(2), Nuclear and Particle Physics Software(2), Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex)(4), Nuclear Physics(5), Nuclear Theory(3), Nuclear Theory (nucl-th)(2), Nuclear Theory-QCD(2), Optical & Laser Physics(2), Optical Physics(8), optics(4), Optics and Photonics(7), Particle(2), particle astrophysics(2), Particle Astrophysics(6), Particle Experiment (part-ex)(2), particle phenomenology and astroparticle physics(4), Particle Physics(3), Particle Physics(9), Particle physics (theoretical and experimental)(1), Particle/Cosmology Theory(5), PHENIX(2) ...more...
University of Santiago de Compostela, IGFAE - Galician Institute of High Energy Physics
  1. [STUDENTS] 10 Summer Fellowships for research initiation in Physics (deadline 2021/05/21 11:59PM*)

(1 position listed)

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